As a licensed talent agent since 1971 for those he represents in this capacity, John Regna finds employment opportunities for national and internationally established singers, musicians and others in various entertainment or broadcast businesses. In this capacity his role is to defend, support and promote the interest of his clients.

Since he only represents established celebrity clients, his policy is to become familiar with the clients history prior the client signing with him for representation. This process includes the review of past contracts and offers so as to seek opportunities which are equal to, or greater than, those prior to the artist signing with him as agent.

Currently doing business in 53 countries as of 2020, the interaction Mr. Regna has with venues, promoters, event planners, media and other such companies allows him to determine what kind of work the client can and cannot do in those countries – and by virtue of that this allows him to match them with various opportunities for work.

Mr. Regna specializes in the global market but is based in the United States. He has various departments within his office that primarily or wholly takes care of certain aspects of the talent booking process from the beginning of the negotiations through the final step of having a fully executed contract. Additionally, he and his staff monitor engagements through their conclusion.

As is known in the ever changing entertainment industry, having an agent is not required, but does help an artist or show producer in securing work opportunities. In many cases event organizers, event producers, promoters, casino buyers, festival organizers and broadcasters contact Mr. Regna to find the artists they are looking for. In other cases, Mr. Regna uses his established network to set up tours and other opportunities for his clients.

Since the decline in recording and motion picture industries in recent years, a monumental shift occurred in how artists produce recorded music and how films and commercial home videos are made. Live touring allows clients to balance their income despite declining sales of physical music and film products.